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I’m a bit late posing for cherry blossoms, I think. They were almost falling out and dissappearing on me. Haha! BUT I didn’t lose hope. #IWANTCHERRYBLOSSOMSONMYBLOG💕They only bloom once in a while so WHY NOT coconut!
So, may I ask you.. What makes you feel pretty? #PINK has always been my fave colour of all time. It just brings colour and smile to my face everytime I see this shade!

This day was very random, like the usual bebe Shamo, very spontaneous. I woke up from 11 hour night shift then contacted Fely for a catch up and shoot. It was already 6pm on the dot, Mr Sunshine was still rocking it so I quickly put this outfit on then straight to
Fely’s apartment before it got too late.
Then booom! No second thoughts we chanced going to Herbert park together ( the only place we know of where cherry blossoms exist ). Although other parks in Ireland normally close and ask people to be out of the park at 6pm, we still drove to find out anyway.
I was pleasantly surprised it was still open! Yayy!! So here I am happily posing with cherry blossoms.
I was definitely feeling the PINKness of this beautiful surroundings. It felt like a dream come true! Haha! I can’t thank Fely enough for this stunning shots! I super duper adoooore them!! I hope you do as well. 💞💖💕

What I’m wearing:
Crop sleeved top: SHANA (I got it in Spain for less than 5eu)
High heels: ZARA (it was 9.99eu)
Grey Jacket: Forever21
Sunglasses: ZARA (it was on super Sale!)
Have you ever experienced those random moments that seem to always turn into the best adventures??
xo bebe Shamo.

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