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Hi guys!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 🙂 I have something amazing here to share with you today!! Have you had those long edgy travels where your neck is simply giving way and you can’t assume a position to give you the slightest comfort?? Constant traveling can be a bummer. I have been there too when I get way too excited about my travels and the windows just will not cooperate. Of course, after a while, I do get down a nap or two but my stiff neck after resting on that hard windows will not go away until two days.

In an effort to find my way out of this problem, I found the perfect companion for my zombie sleep. The MonPère is a great travel pillow that can be your saviour on your travels. Here is why I like it.. It’s New. Different. Cozy. Hugging. Comfortable. It is the best travel aid out there! 

The product is designed as a large arm with two comfortable hands on the ends. This allows you to easily wind the pillow around you and sticks it under your head as you lean against a hard surface. The soft hand acts as your pillow and allows you to have a soft, comfortable place to nap in. Really cool right? You simply need to bend the pillow around you to position it in almost any way that makes you comfy.




Another fact that I really like about the pillow is its portability. You can easily roll the pillow up in less than 5 seconds and stick it in your handbag. Alternatively, you can even stick it on to you! Why bother pulling it and putting it back in? Simply wind the pillow around yourself and carry on your travel stylishly. It really is a one of a kind travel pillow.

We are also offering a special limited time offer from Friday 24th November to Monday 27th November where we offer the pillow for a discounted price of only $70 with worldwide delivery!!

So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to grab your travel buddy today! 


Xo, Shamira.




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