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#ThrowbackThursday – The Perfect Summer Dress!


Hi babes! What’s the weather like where you are at the moment??! It’s winter here already and the air gets super chilly. To be honest it's freezing cold here in Ireland right now. It's very windy outside while typing this! Haha. BUT it doesn't mean I'm having a bad day. I feel great and I hope you are too! (: There is nothing that I enjoy more than warming up with some delicious hot drinks and cozying up under my blanket. 

As I sipped on my cup of tea, I decided to check my phone when my mind drifted to another time. I couldn’t help but reminisce about the warm summer months. Irish summers are everything but ordinary.
My mind escaped to the time when the sun shone high and mighty, glistening gold, giving life to everything it touched. 

This #OOTD is what made me go back to summers. As I donned this gorgeous periwinkle blue dress, I felt like Cinderella, minus the glamour and more like Cinderella wearing it for a few minutes as it was one of tita Fely's collection of dresses. We had a photoshoot back then, and I randomly spotted this beautiful dress laying around her apartment. AND BOOOOM! Me and this dress had love at first sight haha! Simple yet statement, this pastel-hued understated screamed summer!!

As I strolled down to her apartment block, I stumbled upon their yellow door. Surrounded by deep earthy boring monotones, the vibrant yellow was a sight for sore eyes. I knew I had to take a picture with it.
The result was even more beautiful than I had hoped. I felt alive wearing this dress. This look embodies the spirit of summer; warm, calm, happy, welcoming, and relaxing.

When I look for perfection, this summer outfit fits in every definition of it. It’s light, flowy, and effortlessly stylish. It’s just what I need on a bright sunny day where summer breeze brushed up my hair and oozes up those happy vibes. 

I kept it really basic by carrying a pale pink handbag with it, open tresses, and some chic sunnies. After all, less is more. 

Thanks for letting me wear it tita Fely! Check out her photography

Xo, Shamira.

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